What is the Cam1001?
Our Cam1001 is an advanced image recognition IoT device and a cost-efficient, non-invasive retrofit plug & play solution for digitization of all your analogue meters and displays.
We combine a modern HD camera and a powerful computing module that reliably recognizes, analyses and digitizes various signals and display types: digital or mechanical digits meters, gauges, meter scales, control lamps or complete control panels -  but also the precise position of objects in a 3D space and potentially many more.
Why the Cam1001?
The Cam1001 brings digitization to the analogue world for situations rarely considered yet. While until today you needed to go and have a look in person, you now receive a near real-time data timeseries through which you can easily interpret whether a situation is all fine or whether it needs your personal intervention.
What pains is the Cam1001 solving?
  • No digital data available as basis for all further analysis (f.ex. through data point interpretation) like predictive maintenance
  • Lack of continuous data supervision (24/7) if supervised manually
  • High effort and cost of reading meters plus certain failure rate (lower speed and reliability due to human involvement
  • Invasive adjustments of machines - if possible at all – leading to changes in running systems and lost guarantees
  • High costs of digitalization of existing machinery assets
What does the solution contain?

We use modern machine-learning methods with on-board decision-making in order to provide a:

  •  compact, affordable and non-invasive retrofit solution to digitize analogue machines
  • DaaS (Data as a Service)
  • intelligent extension modules, usage of our unique and highly efficient algorithms compatible with your industry standards
  • Sensor data analytics predictions when your equipment is likely to need maintenance. Big Data-based predictive analytics for predictions the future data or "recovery" of missing data  (optional)
  • low power long range connectivity modules based on narrow band protocols (optional)

Our front end visualizes and presents in near real time the digitized data stream on any device whether computer, tablet or smartphone.

What is the technology behind it?


IMX8 based ARM® System on Module, high definition industrial camera, optional additional IoT sensors (IMU, acoustic etc.), low power connectivity modules


intelligent combination of classic computer vision algorithms (mainly for image processing) and deep learning (image classification, object recognition, predictive analytics)

Why doesn’t it exist yet?

To make this solution possible we took the most modern hardware from the affordable price segment, the most effective algorithms from the latest high-performance libraries and optimized it for this task. We spent thousands of hours training and optimizing our algorithms, testing and tuning the most efficient computing modules and firmware,

choosing the best cameras and optical systems. The result is a worldwide unique technology able to cover a multi-display control panel onboard digitization and perform fail prediction based on big data analysis.

Lab 1001 GmbH
Andre Kholodov
Bahnhofstr. 4a
82152 Planegg, Germany

mail: cam1001@lab1001.com
tel: +49 (0)89 954571 94